Friday, December 31, 2010

John Paul 2 High Book Series

I got a book for Christmas that is soooo good its called Catholic Reluctantly. It's the first in the John Paul 2 High series. The second book is called Trespasses Against Us. They are so amazing!! It about 7 teens whose parents are trying to start a Catholic school in an old building. They can be bought here.
I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

Hey Everyone!

Have a great Christmas and remember to keep Christ in CHRISTmas!!


Have a Merry Christmas!

To all our readers and followers: Merry Christmas! I'm not going to be able to post tomorrow, so I hope you all have Happy Holidays in advance.

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone has a merry Christmas!!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cute, Modest, and Cheap Skirts at Forever21

Hey girls. I was browsing around the Forever21 skirts section and came upon a bunch of modest skirts. It appears as if they are adding more longer skirts, to the knee or longer. Here they are:

The Sheer Pleated Skirt is $17.80.

This is definitely my favorite. I love the print. Printed Maxi Skirt is $19.80.

Ruffle Mock Wrap Skirt is $22.80.

This Paisley Woven skirt retails for $24.80.

Only 3 days 'till Christmas! I can't wait!

The cherry on top

Perfect Party Outfit: 3

Perfect Party Outfit: 2

Perfect Party Outfit: 1

Take a bow

Take a bow
Take a bow by AudreyElizabeth featuring 3 4 sleeve dresses

Bows, bows, bows

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

An apple a day

All things that glitter

Great Sale finds for Christmas Presents

A lot of people are rushing to find the perfect gift at the last minute. Here are some ideas for quick and cheap Christmas gifts that every girl on your list will love!

This sweater makes me want to just crawl inside, make a tent, and never come out just because it's so cozy looking.
Marble Knit Cover Up - $10 over at Wet Seal

This fleece jacket is similar to the Maurice's one I posted about before, but at a cheaper price of $12.40. 8 button Fleece Jacket at Wet Seal.

Every girl needs a wide belt, and this one is perfect for adding the right amount of feminitity to any outfit. Mesh Rose Stretch Belt, $5.25 at Wet Seal

Houndstooth is always classy, but in a cowl-neck poncho, there's no word to justly describe it's fabulousness. Houndstooth Button Poncho, $11.40 at Wet Seal.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Me and Tan

Me and Tan
Me and Tan by AudreyElizabeth featuring enamel jewelry

What is with my obsession with taking tan dresses and adding colorful accessories?!?

Flower Power

Prayers needed

I want to ask everyone to pray for my mother. The past week or so, she has been extremely dizzy and has had low blood pressure. She went to the doctor's today and it seems as if she has either something wrong with her heart, or something else that is triggering problems in her heart. She needs many, many prayers. She is going to the doctor's on Wednesday, and after that we will find out how bad it is. Please pray that is not serious, and, since she does have a chance of having a heart attack, that she may not have one. Thank you all and God Bless!

feeling blue

feeling blue
feeling blue by AudreyElizabeth featuring bow dresses

I recently joined Polyvore, and decided to create my first outfit! At first, I was completely and totally overwhelmed by all of the products they have on the site, but I managed to pick out a few items I loved. I really love this dress and these booties, but a wholly tan outfit is kind of boring. Thus, the blue pops of color. (love, love, love) Also, just for a fair warning, I'm going to be doing a lot of these in the next couple of weeks!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Really sweet song

I think you're beautiful,
I treasure you deeply.
You're lovely my child.
I think you're beautiful,
you're hair and your braces,
your glasses and clothes
and cumbersome graces....
and many more traits which I could speak of.
There's nothing about you I don't truly love.
You're kind and you're honest,
you're funny and smart.
You're really quite charming
you have a good heart.
~"Your Majesty, I'd like to believe you--is that really true?"~
Of course it is true,
every word that I say.
Daughter, I am the King
and I made you that way.
I delight in your beauty.
You are wonderfully made.
I knew you before the foundations were laid.
You're precious to me
every hair on your head.
Daughter, hear and believe.

Isn't this just the sweetest song?? It's from the veggie tales movie, Snooderella. It's a great reminder to us that no matter what someone will always love us. No matter what.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Chistmas Classics

I absolutely LOVE Christmas movies, especially the classics like,

Charlie Brown's Christmas
If you haven't watched this movie before you HAVE to its really cute and also manages to tie in the true meaning of Christmas!

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
*Rudolf the red nosed reindeer, had a very shiny nose...*
I think that every body has seen this movie before but I couldn't resist posting it because its so fun. this movie is always played at our house during Christmas time! I remember being sooo scared when the abominable snowman started chasing Rudolf and Cornelius!
What are your favorite Christmas Classics? Leave a comment and tell us!

Down East Basics

Take a look at this super cute flattering sweater from down east basics!

I fell in love with this cascading skirt the moment I saw it!

I just love love love acssesories!!! this is the most amazing necklace perfect for any Christmas party or just for around!!


Blog Interviews

Would you like us to interview your blog? If so leave a comment or email us at,

We'd love to hear from you!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

An effect on our culture: Celebrity fashion

A while before, Anna posted about how music affects our culture, now I am going to post on how celebrity fashion affects our culture. For most people, celebrities play a huge role in their lives. Celebrities, because they are famous, are looked upon by many, many people, and that is why they should be role models in the way they dress. Huge amounts of teenagers and young women are following the example of their favorite celebrity, leading towards immodest dress. With examples like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Rihanna, many young ladies are following suit.
I don't think it's bad to like celebrities or to take cues from their fashion. People just need to make sure that they don't start to worship their favorite celebrities and that they watch who they take their fashion ideas from. For that reason, I like celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow. I read a book once in which she was quoted, "My mother told me 'Always dress like a lady, and you'll never regret it.'" These are the type of celebrities that should be role models for all young women, in both fashion and attitude.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Blogger Interview: Abbi

I mentioned in one of my posts that I was going to do blogger interviews, so as my first interview, it is my sincere pleasure to present: Abbi from True-Blue Abbi!
When and why did you start your blog?
Abbi: I started my blog the beginning of July this year. My dad showed me this teenage girl who had a youtube channel and it was all about patriotism. My intent was to start a youtube channel at first, which I did, but I liked the idea of a blog better. I wanted mine to be more about my religion instead of patriotism. I love fashion, so I thought I'd make modest fashion posts. That's where the idea came from.
What's one word that describes you best?
Abbi: Unique. As you can tell, I'm not your average girl...haha :]
What's one thing you love about yourself?
Abbi: I don't think I'll choose a feature, I'll choose a talent. People have told me ever since I was very young that I've had an amazing aptitude for writing. I love writing and the ability that it brings: you can go so many different ways with it. You can create your own world in a story that you write or have an ability to lure someone into reading something and seeing more what it's about with the ways you twist your words. Writing is an outlet for me, my favorite one. That's why I love my blog so much: it gives me the ability to set free my creative mind and build something extraordinary for others to see.
What's something that troubles you about the world?
Many things trouble me about the world. I'm not sure which one I'd like to express my feeling on today. I believe there's many evil things in the world that you have to be careful not to walk into their trap.....once you're there it's hard to retrace your steps and find your way out.
How would you describe your fashion and where do you get your inspiration from?
Abbi: My style is more put together than most. My friends always comment on how fancy I look compared to them in their graphic tees, ripped jeans, and flip-flops. I'm not sure what my style is. A little bit of everything I suppose. Inspiration is everything around me. Art is everywhere, you just have to look. I get my inspiration from a mom wearing a cute necklace while pushing her baby in a stroller, from the checkout lady at the grocery store, magazines, and drawings. I get it from everywhere!
Thanks so much for letting me interview you Abbi! You should really check out her absolutely wonderful blog, True-Blue Abbi.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Movie Review

Today I watched The Adventures of Food Boy. It is about a boy who has a super power and at first uses it to make him popular. He later realized his mistake after his true friends start to hate him. This movie is family friendly, funny, and I have watched it 3 times within the last 2 months.

Christmas and Advent Traditions

Hey Girls-

We here at SC want to know your Christmas and Advent traditions! Email us at

What my family does is on Christmas morning we sing Happy birthday to Jesus and got to my grandma's for breakfast and presents.


Friday, December 10, 2010


Hi girls!
Hope y'all got to sleep in today! I was gonna do this on Friday and i had a awesome title but the day kinda slipped away so now its Saturday! All of these are from Forever 21
$9.99 nautical stripe tunic.
$11.04-lucky hearts top
$11.99-ribbed stripe dress with a little more length and a sweater this would be so cute!!


Thank you to Tilly!

A special shout-out to Tilly, our new follower! Thanks so much for following Simply Catholic. If you have a chance, you should check out her new and fabulous blog Peek-A-Boo.
Thanks again Tilly!

Veggie Tales St. Nicholas

Hey there everyone! To celebrate the feast of Saint Nicholas on December 6th, my family and I watched a new movie that we had gotten called St. Nicholas by Veggie Tales. It was very enjoyable and filled with puns for all ages. I'd have to say that even I enjoyed it. You can purchase it here. For only $12, it sure was worth it!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

A couple of questions for the readers

1: Do you like this new layout? Please tell me your honest opinion, this is one circumstance where negative comments are allowed :D Just try to be nice!
2: If you have a blog, would you like me to interview you via email so I can post an interview and feature your blog?
3: Would you be interested in seeing blogger interviews on Simply Catholic.
4: Also, if you are a blogger, could you please tell me through comments how you get them. I'm kinda lost as far as that goes.

Thanks for answering these questions!


The 12 Days of Christmas

In England from 1558 to 1829, Catholics were not permitted to practice their faith openly. The message of the song's gifts were to help children remember lessons of their faith. The true love mentioned in the song is God Himself, the 'me' is every baptised person. The partridge is one of those birds who feigns injury to decoy predators away from her helpless nestlings - this symbolises Christ.
  • Two turtledoves - the Old and New Testaments
  • Three french hens - Faith Hope and Charity
  • Four calling birds - the four Gospels
  • Five golden rings - the first five books of the Old Testament containing the history of man's fall from grace
  • Six geese a-laying - the six days of Creation
  • Seven swans a-swimming - seven gifts of the Holy Spirit
  • Eight maids a-milking - the eight Beatitudes
  • Nine ladies dancing - nine choirs of Angels
  • Ten lords a-leaping - the ten Commandments
  • Eleven piper's piping - the eleven faithful Apostles
  • Twelve drummers drumming - the twelve points of belief in the Apostle's Creed.
ARen't these cool? i'd never heard of them before until now. Tell me what you think!

Christmas Traditions

What are you Christmas traditions? One of my favorite Christmas tradtions that my family does is keep the baby Jesus and angel out of our nativity until Christmas day when we all gather round to see him arrive. Another tradition, although it doesn't have alot to do with Jesus, Is that The weekend after my birthday, which is on the 8th, we go and get our Christmas tree. On Chritmas Eve we all go to Mass, and are allowed to chose one preasant to open that night. Please share all of your familys traditions to!!

Maurices Love

Earlier this fall, since I grew out of all of my fall clothes, my mom and I went into our local Maurices for the first time. I instantly fell in love. These were only about a half of what I got, but these were the only ones I could find online.
This coat is super soft, and really fleece-y inside! I love it for chilly days and even really cold days. It adds a touch of class to any outfit.
I can't say how much I love this hoodie. It's super flattering and I love the contrast stitching!

I got a couple of these tanks, for layering. Although they come down pretty low, if you add another cami underneath them, not only does it keep you warm, but it adds a little of color to your plain white v-neck or any other solid color shirt.

I got this top, and I love it! It's a little tight, so I'd get a size up, but the arms are slimming and the ruching at the neck is so cute! It's also a little low, so you might want to put a cami underneath.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Fun Family Friendly Show

I've been watching Sonny with a Chance lately. It is great and from what I've seen, totally G-rated. It's funny, goofy, and is a great choice to watch on your own or with younger siblings. Enjoy!


Check these out!

Plastic, and pretty, these bow clips take your casual outfits to the next level. $2.24 at Forever 21
You'll rock the holidays with this oversized bow headbead. So Alice-in-Wonderland-esque, and so cute with your fave party frock. Gotta heart the sequins. Retails at $3.04 from Forever 21.

I know from my personal experience that it's helpful to carry around a nail clipping set in your purse. I have so many broken fingernails when we go places that I can't live without mine. It's 99 cents over at Forever 21.

Buy it for yourself or snag another one for your mom or bestie!

I love this sweater! It retails for $18.24 on sale at Forever 21.

Also, gotta love Abbi's post about Christmas ideas for all the special people on your list! Later girlies!

Countdown to Christmas Outfits

Hey everyone! Over at the Saint Maria's Messenger blog I've been doing some posts called Countdown to Christmas Outfits. I'm making an outfit for every day in December until Christmas to countdown to that very special day. Check 'em out!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Book: Hidden Treasures of Glaston

ItalicHi! I recently finished a book called The Hidden Treasures of Glaston. I loved it. I read lots of books but this is my personal favorite. It is about a boy who lives in a monastery and loves books. He discovers a cave where lots of treasures are hidden from long ago. It is a mystery story, which is very exciting.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanks Giving!!

I hope everyone has an absolutely amazing thanksgiving!! I can't wait to have all our friends over to pig out on all the wonderful food!! Does anyone agree with me that food on thanksgiving has a better taste than eating that same food just on a different day? Our bishop is saying the thanksgiving mass today also so in and hour we'll be going there before we start cooking!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! After 3 days of cramming school, tests, and chores in, I'm going to enjoy spending 4 days of relaxing. Today, I'm going to pig out on my dad's stellar turkey, my mom's creamy homemade mashed potatoes, my super-duper dressing, my brother's gravy, cranberry jello, rolls, green bean casserole, and, of course, pumpkin pie! Tomorrow, my family and I are braving the crowds and are going shopping on Black Friday.

Since it's Thanksgiving, I'm going to mention just a few things that I'm thankful for:
God, my family, my friends, a roof over my head, nice clothes, great food, my somewhat annoying 5 brothers, my baby brother who always makes me smile, our piano, my flute, school (well, only writing), good books, movies, the internet, the two super blogs I write for, all of my favorite blogs, my drawing, acting, singing, crafting, and musical skills, my comfy cardi that I wear all of the time, fashion, and of course, all of you! Have a very happy Thanksgiving, and, if you want, comment below on what YOU are thankful for!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Christmas consumerism

The reason I didn't have a very long post yesterday is because I had to be in my town's Christmas parade for an organization I'm in. "A Christmas parade, before Thanksgiving?!?" you're all probably saying. Yup, a Christmas parade before Thanksgiving. Now, I have absolutely nothing against a Christmas parade, as it is extremely fun to ride on a float that you decorated with your friends, nor do I have a problem with my town promoting its small hometown businesses during the parade to get residents to purchase items from them, but the whole point is that the world has the problem of consumerism. Most people in the world today are too worried about material things, that is why Christmas doesn't really mean what it should. They are too concentrated on what they are going to get out of Christmas, instead of what Christmas is really about, Our Lord coming into the world. Don't get me wrong, presents at Christmas are not bad, it's just when they are the only thing that matters about Christmas. So, if you already don't, before you open your presents at Christmas this year, spend a little time in prayer, sing Christmas hymns, and do anything else religious so that you may just keep in mind the true meaning of Christmas.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

A quick post

Hey there everyone! As Anna said, I'm Audrey, the new blogger here on Simply Catholic. I don't have much time right now, but I thought that I would post some link to some clothing items I am drooling over right now.

Most boots over at American Eagle are $10 off, so these cute 'n' comfy boots are definitely on my want list!

DownEast Basics has a lot of cute stuff, but this skirt is so pretty it's beyond words!

Sorry for such a short post, I'll write more later!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

New Blogger!!!!!!

I am happy to announce we have a NEW BLOGGER!! Audrey, one of the fabulous Saint Maria's Messenger bloggers, will be joining us. Yay!


All of these are from Down East Basics.
Strech Pearl Bracelet $7.99
Polka Dot Bangle $7.99
Bauble Necklace $8.99
Pink Stone Necklace $8.99(This is my fave!!)
Flower Chandelier Earrings $6.99
All of these can be found here:

Adorable earings!!!

I was just on another Catholic blog( when I saw a post for these super cute earrings:
Aren't they cute!? Heres how you make them:

What you need:

Earring hooks

Craft wire

Pair of headphones



Take the headphones and cut off the ear buds, leaving a little bit of cord attached. With the needle, poke a hole in the cord and string the wire through. Twist the ends of the wire twice with the pliers. Loop the wire, with the headphone attached, through the earring hook and twist so it doesn’t come undone. That’s it! Now you have a pair of unique earrings. Voila!!



Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Oliver Twist

If you haven't heard of Oliver Twist, you must have been locked in basement with no contact to the outside world. I'm about a fifth of the way in to it, but I'm already gonna recommend it because it is such a good book. Books usually don't make me cry, but I was in tears while reading it. People need to read more classics. I'm trying to get better about that myself.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Music These Days

I know I haven't posted in forever, but I promise I will get better about that.

Music is a huge influence on society. Artists who rule the charts on iTunes have a stunning effect on listeners' minds. Studies have shown that songs with positive messages help people to be more positive, so why wouldn't it be the same for negative messages?

That brings us to Katy Perry. I'd post here lyrics on here, but, frankly, I don't even think that should go on a Catholic blog. With sites like and other teen sites recommend such filth its no wonder that her new album was #1 on the charts for so long and is extremely popular with teenage girls. About a month ago, I was riding my skateboard down to the park, when I saw this girl, maybe about 9, walking listening to "Teenage Dream" blasting so loud that I could hear it clearly through her headphones. She had a full face of make up, tight clothes and just looked like a mini pagan 17 year old. I was shocked. I'm gonna cave and give you the lyrics: . This so sad, people.

Anyway, be careful about the music you listen. It will affect you and your life.


Monday, November 15, 2010

Simply Catholic

Anna and I were wondering if anyone here would like to start helping us just by posting on here occasionally??? As you can see, me and Anna have been really busy and don't have a ton of time to post on SC so some help would be AWESOME. If you want to help just comment telling us that you want to.
Kayleigh & Anna

Sunday, November 14, 2010

I'm just going to post a few faves I found today Some of them are like super expensive and i'd never buy them for that reson but here they r anyway:
American eagle--$$69.50

Isn't that adorable?? IIt'd look great with jeans(dark wash)and black boots.

Old Navy -$29.50
I love this one!!!!

Hollister-34.50 (personally, i think thats ridic. 4 a scarf...)

Hoped you liked one!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Rainy day

So today it was SUPER rainy, like all day poring rain, were I live. yuk. So, after going to 10:30 mass, me and my sister did our chores in record time!! (We changed all the sheets on the beds, cleaned the bathroom, cleaned our room and vacumed it in 30 minuets!!)
Since my family just started getting Netflix movies ( you can even get the on you Wii!!), we finished 2 movies that we started the other day(Home Alone 2:Lost in New York, and The Sand Lot 2, both pretty good!! Sandlot has bad language though) then we watched Nanny McPhee!!! It's really great prob more for little kids but i still LUV it!! lol.
After that we had and early dinner (we had breakfast for dinner!!) then we went upstairs to play "News Station", a game me and my brother made up when we were like 5 or 6. We used to write up a news paper and everything, but now since we have a video camera we make a movie of it!!

Yesterday, for my dads birthday, we went to Muir Woods which is a hiking place with a bunch of red wood trees. To get there though we had to go over **drum roll please!!** the Golden Gate Bridge!! which, BTW is not gold its red. Then we went through a tunnel that had rainbow painted over it!! I took videos of both and might post them L8r.


wow i haven't been on in ages!!

Sorry about that!!! School got all over whelming all of a sudden and i completely forgot!! I'll start posting more now. (hopefully :/)

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Here are some movies I've watched lately:

Jack and the Beanstalk

Elmo in Grouch Land (no kidding, it's good)

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

They were all fantastic and clean. I'm a sucker for kid's movies.

Friday, October 8, 2010


Hey everyone!

I wanted to share with you a really good movie. It's called Therese and it's about St. Therese. It goes form her childhood to death and is really interesting, not blah.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dang, I've been Lazy.

Oh my gosh, I've been lazy about this blog this week. I've gotta be better about posting.


I want to to share with you some of my favorite books

Old Fashioned Girl by Louisa May Alcott .

Any of the old Nancy Drews by Carolyn Keene (sp?)

I Juan de Pareja by Elizabeth Borton de Trevino

More later......I need to go.


Friday, September 17, 2010

Fabulous Frugal Fashion Friday: Fall Favorites

Quite the mouthful, eh? Today, I'm going to post under $25 picks from

I love this plaid hoodie. I'm quite tempted to actually buy it.

Boots are great look over skinny jeans or with patterned tights and a skirt for church. These boots are just the perfect length, too.

I love argyle and these socks will keep you warm and will let you pull off argyle without looking too golfer.

Have fun shopping!


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My 10 Suggestions for Homeschoolers

Hey Everyone!

As you know(or don't), I am homeschooled. So I'm sharing with you My 10 Suggestions for Homeschoolers:

10. Get Ready. Take 10 mins before you start to get dressed and brush your teeth instead of staying in your pjs all day. It will help you get into "day mode". Maybe I'm the only one who has a tendency stay in pajamas, but I doubt it.

9. Take Breaks(But Not Too Many). I take a five minute break every hour or so, more if something's especially super hard. It helps to take a quick breather.

8. Ignore your annoying brother. He'll go away. XD.

7. Say a Quick Prayer. I usually say a quick one before school and tests.

6. On the Go. If you have to go somewhere during the school day, take your work with you. Little tidbits of work can make a huge difference.

5. Find What Works for You. Trial and Error is the best method sometimes.

4. Get Cute Supplies. I don't know about you, but my brain functions better if I'm writing with a pink pen on a green notebook. :).

3. Swap Tips. Have homeschooling buddies? Compare your strategies with them.

2. Clean Your Desk and Room. It's hard to focus in a pigsty.

1. Be Thankful. Imagine if you had to go to a school. That always makes me stop complaining.

And as always, HAVE FUN!!!!


Monday, September 13, 2010

Me Monday-Anna

This week for Me Monday I'm going to post my favorite things from this week. If the links don't work just copy and paste them into the top bar.


I love plaid shirts. I have one almost exactly like this that I wear open with a tank top underneath or closed and tucked in to a skirt.


My new must-read is What Would a Nerd Wear

My Camera:

I have the oldest camera in the universe but I still get a ton of use out of it. It's so fun make videos and take pictures.

I'm working on a really cool post for tomorrow or Wednesday so stay tuned!


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Get It Done

Doesn't it feel good to get something done?

I'm so happy because I finally cleaned my room and it's not a total disaster. It just feels good when you work and get it done rather than putting off and off (which I do all the time). I finished my first week of school which was super hard, but I got it done.

Please don't think I'm bragging. I just want to encourage you to do what I did. DO that chore you hate. DO that thing that needs to be done. DON"T procrastinate like I did.

"Laziness may seem attractive, but work gives satisfaction". -Anne Frank


Saturday, September 11, 2010

CD of the Month Club

Lighthouse Catholic Media has great, interesting, Catholic, CDs. They also have a Cd of the Month CLub where you get two in the mail every month. The stories are inspiring and interesting and great for long car rides. I'm not sure about the price, but they're site should tell you.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Favorite Band!

Hey Everyone!

I just wanted let you guys know about my fave band, Weezer. None of their songs are explicit and they have the funniest lyrics, but can still totally rock out. Any other Weezer fans out there?


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saint of the Day

I'm tired, so I'm just going to post a link to a website where you can sign up for Saint of the Day emails.

I like them a lot because you can learn about saint without reading a whole book.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Aeropostale 5$ tees!! this weekend only!

Aeropostale is haveing 5$ tee weekend!! There are a bunch of cute tees for $5 Plus any oreder over 87$ gets free shipping! here's the link

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Introducing: Fabulous Frugal Fashion Fridays

The title is pretty self explanatory. Let me know what you think of this idea! I know that it's still Thursday, but I just can't wait. I'm so impatient. XD.

Back to School on a Budget

Ways to Save

1. Play with accessories. Try stacking tons of jewelry on a once. It's daring, but super cute.

2. Change up your hair. Lotsa girls find a style they love and stick to it. Changing up your hairstyle can make a difference on how your tops look.

3. Invest in some belts and scarves. They really jazz up boring tees and jeans.

4. Don't be afraid of thrift stores. Once I got a shirt at Goodwill with the tag still on it from the original store! Plato's Closet is awesome, too.

5. Clip coupons. Some stores have awesome sales and great coupons.

What To Splurge On

1. A coat that you LOVE. Try to get on sale, but still cute and good quality because your going to wear it several times a week.
Whereas, if you buy an ugly coat, even if it's super cheap, you're going to be stuck wearing it a lot. These are cute and cheap:
this or
one, both on sale at

2. One awesome accessory. I bought a cute necklace for $23 dollars at a boutique and I wear it almost everyday.

That was hard! I'll try to keep it up, though



I have ben just swamped with school and swim team this month, thus the lack of post on my part...sorry. My swim team has a meet this weekend and I was going to try for a Jo(Junior Olimpic) time but, i slipped on the pool deck when i bent to get my water and took a little trip to the ER...6 stiches later I was home again. I really never do much but swim, swim and more swim team. Our County Fair is this week and I'm going witha couple of friends tommorow. Me and some friends came up with a new idea--Skirt day!! I know it sounds kinda lame, right? But We had a bunch of fun, We all wore our skirts to swimming on tuesday-we even asked our coach to but she dosne't like wearing skirts-it was a bunch of fun. the same day (me and 2 friends were 1hour early) my friend said she was tired so she was going to sleep, right there on the pool deck, so me and my other friend said, Ok lets go to sleep. When everybody else got there they saw us laying on the pool deck, ASLEEP! We acctully fell asleep! They were poking us and when the woke us up we all had a good laugh!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


In my "SC Needs Your Help!" post. Abbi of True Blue Abbi suggested I say what's going on in my life.

Here goes!

I've been trying to make the most out of my last few days of school as I start on Monday. I'm going shopping with my grandma tomorrow. I'll post some of my finds later. I've been sleeping in. I love sleeping. ;)

I'm trying to do more sports.I joined a soccer team. I love soccer and I can't wait for our first game. I'm trying out skateboarding for the first time. I like it but it's HARD. XD

I've been trying to be more artistic. I made a heart necklace today. I'm wearing it now.

Starting this month I'll be posting a weekly post like this called Me Monday. Tricia and Kayleigh- it would be cool if you did one for yourselves, too.


Monday, August 30, 2010

Homeschool Myths-Debunked

I'm homeschooled and I think a lot of the readers here are too. So, I wanted to write this guide on what to say when somebody pulls out a homeschooling myth.

1. "Do you ever get to meet any other kids?"
My first instinct is to snap back " What's a kid?" because I'm sick and tired of being asked this. Since that would be really rude, I instead say: " Yes, I have lots of friends and I get together with other homeschoolers....." This one you really need to cater to your situation.

2. " Do you actually learn anything?"
This is my personal favorite. It's so weird what some people think about homeschoolers. What I said to that was," Yes, I do a lot of work. I went to public school for a few years, but ever since I stared homeschooling , I feel like I've learned a lot more".

Don't you just love when you first tell people you're homeschooled? How their expression changes from a real smile to a forced one? It takes all my strength not to burst out laughing.

A similar article to this coming soon.


Saint Maria's Messanger Blog

Here is the link to the fabulos Catholic girls blog/forum:

It's absolutly wonderful and you'll meet a bunch of other girls your age!! Anna and I are both part of it too!!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cute Craft

Check it out!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Dogs Vs. People Part 2 (Final Part)

People used to call there dogs their pets. Now, they call them their "kids".

My grandma was taking her dog to the vet's office. She was waiting to be called to bring the dog to the exam room. Finally they
called her up." Fido's(name changed) mom , please bring Fido back"

Another example:

I recently saw a bumper sticker that read" I heart my Granddogs" Um, I don't think her daughter gave birth to a dog. That would be hard to believe.

This is just plain unfair to people. Like I said in Part 1, tons of people think it's perfectly fine to kill an unborn human, but if you so much as threaten to injure unborn or baby puppies you'd be portrayed as a monster.

Well, there it is. Comments, anyone???

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Book Review: The Mouse and His Child

The Mouse and His Child by Russell Hoban is a very cute animal adventure story. It's more of a light read, but it is extremely well written.
I'm trying to read lighter books over the summer as I have to read classics and Shakespeare -y stuff for school in this year and this book is great for that.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Thank You, GL is a great website in some ways. in others, not so much. Take for example, style. They usually post cute stuff, but lacking in the modesty department. Today, I scoured their site and this is what I found:

Thanks, GL!


This article from Yahoo! News has nothing to with being Simple or Catholic, but it's just amazing.


SMM Blog!

First of all, I'd like to thank Audrey for reminding me to post this. Second of all, you NEED to go to for great tips on "every Catholic and feminine" as their motto goes. So, go there right now!!!!!! ;-)


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cool Blogs!

I love these blogs: Abii is an awesome girl who always has something cool to share. A cool blog from another Catholic homeschooler. A sewing blog by a Catholic girl that always has cute projects.



Modest Fashion:How To's

Hey Girls!

Ever see a cute dress that you love,but it's low cut or too short? You're not alone. Check out this guide to "modest-fying" dresses.
I apologize for links instead of pics, but I'm not sure how to legally add pictures from websites, so a little help from an experienced blogger would be very nice. If the links don't work copy and paste them into the top bar where you type in websites. Anywhoo, back to the post.

This dress is really cute. i love the floral print. But, it's a little low cut.

Try putting the sweater in this post on it:

Or maybe this one:

Or, for warmer days, this one:

Monday, August 23, 2010


I know it can be a real challenge to find parent-approved music, so I wanted to share some bar of soap clean songs I've found.

More Than a Feeling~Boston (Rock)
Heads Will Roll~Yeah Yeah Yeahs (Pop)
Keep Fishin'~ Weezer (my all time Favorite Band Ever)(Alt. Rock)
Not That Far Away-Jennette McCurdy(Pop)
Peaches~Presidents of the United States of America(Alt. Rock)
New Divide~ Linkin' Park(Rock)

There's a ton more that I'll save for another post. Enjoy!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cute Clothes!

Hey Girls!

I'm totally copying every other modest fashion blogger out there, but I couldn't resist posting some super cute clothes from Down East Basics. Also, check out becuase Abbi has some really cool modest fashion posts.

Again, these are from .