Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cool Website!

Hey Girls!

A while ago, my little bro and I were playing a game on a kids website, when the character on the game had a word bubble(you know, like in comics) that had bad language. I was shocked that they would put it on a kid's website. So, I searched the web for games that are appropriate but not babyish. I found phatmass.com for Catholic games. Pope Wars is fun, because you pretend to be the Pope and have to handle certain situations.



  1. Thanks for posting that, Anna, my brother will love that!! he's been complaning for a while that its not fair that I get the smm and he dosn't get anthing!

  2. 1 website that my siblings like is called millsberry, it's kinda like webkinz(ya know the vertual pet thing-exept that it's free) Heres's the link: http://www.millsberry.com/

  3. ohmigosh! Millsberry is my most embarrassing site that I like! Don't tell anyone. 'Course I kinda just posted that for he world to see, but oh well.

  4. I know I like it to...I just said that it was my siblings game cuz its embarassing..They do play it though

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