Monday, August 30, 2010

Homeschool Myths-Debunked

I'm homeschooled and I think a lot of the readers here are too. So, I wanted to write this guide on what to say when somebody pulls out a homeschooling myth.

1. "Do you ever get to meet any other kids?"
My first instinct is to snap back " What's a kid?" because I'm sick and tired of being asked this. Since that would be really rude, I instead say: " Yes, I have lots of friends and I get together with other homeschoolers....." This one you really need to cater to your situation.

2. " Do you actually learn anything?"
This is my personal favorite. It's so weird what some people think about homeschoolers. What I said to that was," Yes, I do a lot of work. I went to public school for a few years, but ever since I stared homeschooling , I feel like I've learned a lot more".

Don't you just love when you first tell people you're homeschooled? How their expression changes from a real smile to a forced one? It takes all my strength not to burst out laughing.

A similar article to this coming soon.



  1. Oh my favorite ones are:

    Q: So, you get up at like 11 am every day right?
    A: Nope, 5:15.
    They say: WHAT?!?

    Q: You sit around in your pj's all day, right?
    A: No again.

    Q: Well, at least you can skip class or just not do something if you think it's stupid, right?!?
    A: Um, no.

    Usually, after the third answer, they don't think homeschooling is just a pj party anymore....

  2. This is so true! Thank you so much for you're post Anna! People need to know that we're not stupid lazy bums all day! I learn alot! And my classes are hard! I'm in 8th grade and I have Abkea Schooling...a christian program so it corparates God into the lessons. Audrey, you are so right to! It's nice to know that there are other home school students like me that get these ridiculous questions. ;]


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