Monday, August 2, 2010

Savor Your Summer #1

Hey Girls!

Today's Savor Your Summer is (drumroll ,please) Spend Time With Siblings.

My brother recently told me ," You don't do anything with me." I looked in to his five year old face and felt horrible.We later played music together. Lots of girls don't really care about their siblings and that makes me so sad. Siblings are the ones who will always be with you. Friends drift apart. Pets die. Relationships end. Siblings are always together. You can stop being friends with someone, but you can't stop being a sister. Spend some time with your sibs, wether it's decorating cookies, coloring, playing princess or dinosaurs- they'll appreciate it. If you don't have siblings, spend some time with a cousin. They're the next best thing. :)

Have Fun!


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