Thursday, September 2, 2010


I have ben just swamped with school and swim team this month, thus the lack of post on my part...sorry. My swim team has a meet this weekend and I was going to try for a Jo(Junior Olimpic) time but, i slipped on the pool deck when i bent to get my water and took a little trip to the ER...6 stiches later I was home again. I really never do much but swim, swim and more swim team. Our County Fair is this week and I'm going witha couple of friends tommorow. Me and some friends came up with a new idea--Skirt day!! I know it sounds kinda lame, right? But We had a bunch of fun, We all wore our skirts to swimming on tuesday-we even asked our coach to but she dosne't like wearing skirts-it was a bunch of fun. the same day (me and 2 friends were 1hour early) my friend said she was tired so she was going to sleep, right there on the pool deck, so me and my other friend said, Ok lets go to sleep. When everybody else got there they saw us laying on the pool deck, ASLEEP! We acctully fell asleep! They were poking us and when the woke us up we all had a good laugh!

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