Sunday, December 12, 2010

Blogger Interview: Abbi

I mentioned in one of my posts that I was going to do blogger interviews, so as my first interview, it is my sincere pleasure to present: Abbi from True-Blue Abbi!
When and why did you start your blog?
Abbi: I started my blog the beginning of July this year. My dad showed me this teenage girl who had a youtube channel and it was all about patriotism. My intent was to start a youtube channel at first, which I did, but I liked the idea of a blog better. I wanted mine to be more about my religion instead of patriotism. I love fashion, so I thought I'd make modest fashion posts. That's where the idea came from.
What's one word that describes you best?
Abbi: Unique. As you can tell, I'm not your average girl...haha :]
What's one thing you love about yourself?
Abbi: I don't think I'll choose a feature, I'll choose a talent. People have told me ever since I was very young that I've had an amazing aptitude for writing. I love writing and the ability that it brings: you can go so many different ways with it. You can create your own world in a story that you write or have an ability to lure someone into reading something and seeing more what it's about with the ways you twist your words. Writing is an outlet for me, my favorite one. That's why I love my blog so much: it gives me the ability to set free my creative mind and build something extraordinary for others to see.
What's something that troubles you about the world?
Many things trouble me about the world. I'm not sure which one I'd like to express my feeling on today. I believe there's many evil things in the world that you have to be careful not to walk into their trap.....once you're there it's hard to retrace your steps and find your way out.
How would you describe your fashion and where do you get your inspiration from?
Abbi: My style is more put together than most. My friends always comment on how fancy I look compared to them in their graphic tees, ripped jeans, and flip-flops. I'm not sure what my style is. A little bit of everything I suppose. Inspiration is everything around me. Art is everywhere, you just have to look. I get my inspiration from a mom wearing a cute necklace while pushing her baby in a stroller, from the checkout lady at the grocery store, magazines, and drawings. I get it from everywhere!
Thanks so much for letting me interview you Abbi! You should really check out her absolutely wonderful blog, True-Blue Abbi.

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