Thursday, December 9, 2010

A couple of questions for the readers

1: Do you like this new layout? Please tell me your honest opinion, this is one circumstance where negative comments are allowed :D Just try to be nice!
2: If you have a blog, would you like me to interview you via email so I can post an interview and feature your blog?
3: Would you be interested in seeing blogger interviews on Simply Catholic.
4: Also, if you are a blogger, could you please tell me through comments how you get them. I'm kinda lost as far as that goes.

Thanks for answering these questions!



  1. 1. I don't particularly care for any of the layouts but it's fun to have something bright and different to look at everytime I visit your blog.
    2. Oh My Gosh! That'd be great. I'd feel like famous or something...hahaha
    3. I think that'd be fun! It's always fun to see new blogs! I'm open to new ideas! (Just make sure they're good blogs because I've come across alot of really bad ones...that's never fun.)
    4. I'm not quite sure what you'll have to go into more detail about that..haha

    Hope this helped!

  2. You don't mind if I steal that blog interview idea from you, do you? I've seen a few people do that with blogs, youtube channels, and more! It looks fun. I just wanted to check with you first to make sure that's ok. Is it?

  3. Yes, you can totally steal that idea from me. I'll contact you when I want to interview you. It's probably going to be soon though!

  4. Abbi,
    If you could email me at, I'll ask you some questions for the interview there.


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