Thursday, December 9, 2010

Maurices Love

Earlier this fall, since I grew out of all of my fall clothes, my mom and I went into our local Maurices for the first time. I instantly fell in love. These were only about a half of what I got, but these were the only ones I could find online.
This coat is super soft, and really fleece-y inside! I love it for chilly days and even really cold days. It adds a touch of class to any outfit.
I can't say how much I love this hoodie. It's super flattering and I love the contrast stitching!

I got a couple of these tanks, for layering. Although they come down pretty low, if you add another cami underneath them, not only does it keep you warm, but it adds a little of color to your plain white v-neck or any other solid color shirt.

I got this top, and I love it! It's a little tight, so I'd get a size up, but the arms are slimming and the ruching at the neck is so cute! It's also a little low, so you might want to put a cami underneath.

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  1. I LOVE the coat and the hoodie. So extremely cute and they look comfortable. :) I think I might just have to buy them... :)


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