Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ribbon Crafts

Okay, I'm not going to lie. This week has been really hard for me. I was still recovering from the flu, and I had trouble on a Science test. I was frustrated with myself that I couldn't get a question that was difficult, but one that I could answer with some thinking. For some reason I couldn't bring my mind to understanding it at that moment, and I was completely upset because I couldn't. I was born into a family of geniuses (not to brag or anything) and being one of the least smart in my family, I always think I am stupid and I can't understand anything. But my mom talked to me and she told me to do the best I can do in school, but be who I am, instead of trying to be a super super smart braniac. So, because coming up with and doing crafts is something I am excellent at, I'm going to be posting three series on crafts that are easy and fun to do. This first segment is on crafts with ribbons. Enjoy!

Pearl and Ribbon Necklace

Supplies needed: 1 (imitation) pearl necklace + 1 white ribbon the length of your necklace

What to do: Take one end of the necklace, near the clasp, and one end of the ribbon. Tie the end of your ribbon in a knot at the end of your necklace. (shown above) Next, you just loosely wrap the ribbon around your necklace until you reach the end (of your ribbon and necklace) then you tie a knot at the other end of your necklace.
Result of craft shown below.

Ribbon Bangles

Supplies needed: A couple of cheap bangles (I got a pack of 10 or 15 at Walmart for less than $3) + 1 medium length ribbon (you can use lace or just plain)

What to do: Take a few of your bangles (2 to 6) and take your ribbon. Tie the end of your ribbon in a knot around your bangles (shown above) be sure to leave a little room at the end of your ribbon. Wrap the long end of your ribbon around your bangles, each overlapping. (shown below) Do this until the end, but be sure not to cover up the short end of your knot. Once you reach the end, tie the loose end of your ribbon into a knot with the short end of your original knot.


Depending how many bangles you use, they will be thicker or thinner. How many bangles used (top to bottom): 2 bangles, 3 bangles, 4 bangles and 5 bangles.

Ribbon Headband
A quick and easy idea if you want to change up an old headband

Change this:

Into this:

Supplies needed: 1 headband + a lot of ribbon (optional: double sided tape)
NOTE: How much ribbon you need depends on how wide your headband is. My headband is about 2 and 1/2 to 3 inches wide, so I needed almost 18 feet of ribbon, no joke.
What to do: Take your headband and your ribbon. Start overlapping the ribbon all the way around your headband, like you did on the bangles. Once you reach the end, secure the ribbon either using double sided tape, knotting it, or, if you have ribbon with wire in it, wrap the ribbon around itself a few times. The result:
Hope you enjoyed all of these fun crafts!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Give Yourself a Makeover for $25 or Less!!!

Bored with your style? Always wanted a makeover? Here's your go-to guide!


Most non-fancy salons will cut your hair for about $10. Here are some super hairstyles I've seen:

Once you choose a look, check your local library for hair style books.

Price so far: $10.


Look at consignment shops like Plato's Closet or sales for a statement tank top or two. It's a great way to update your style because tank top are fabulous layering clothes. Here's some examples(not in the price range-just examples):

Price so far: $17


Nail polish is a cheap and easy way to change your style. Try a wild color, like sparkles. Examples:

Again, wayyyy expensive, but Sinful Colors or Sally Hansen might have similar kinds.

Amount Spent: $20.


These feminine accessories and cute and cheap(all $5 or under):

Shimmering Rose Hair Clip
$4.80 -
Hair clips accessories »

Serre-tête floral
$3.80 -
Floral hair accessories »

Flower Hair Clips
$2.50 -
Hair clips accessories »

Amount Spent: $25!

There ya have it and remember attitude makeovers are more important : Smile!


This is the time....

when most people give up on their New Year's Resolutions. In this case, it is better to choose a new resolution and work sooo hard on it. Resolution didn't work out? Maybe you aimed to high. Try these small, ahem, February resolutions than can have a big impact:

1. Do something super creative once a week.
2. Study for a test five minutes longer than you think you need to.
3. Do something fun with one of your siblings a couple times a week.
4. Give yourself a makeover(More on that later.)
5. Make a new friend.
6. Memorize a poem every month. It really helps your memory!
7. Read something Catholic every day! (Simply Catholic's gotcha covered!)
8. Stand up for yourself. Someone trash-talks Catholics? Tell them everything great about being Catholic.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Some Great Sale Items

Here are some killer sale items. Enjoy!

H&M boots - $6.49

Friday, January 21, 2011

Beautiful Prayer

"We are here before You, O Holy Spirit, conscious of our innumerable sins, but united in a special way in Your Holy Name. Come and abide with us. Deign to penetrate our hearts.
Be the guide of our actions, indicate the path we should take, and show us what we must do so that, with Your help, our work may be in all things pleasing to You.
May You be our only inspiration and the overseer of our intentions, for You alone possess a glorious name together with the Father and the Son.
May You, who are infinite justice, never permit that we be disturbers of justice. Let not our ignorances induce us to evil, nor flattery sway us, nor moral and material interest corrupt us. But unite our hearts to You alone, and do it strongly, so that, with the gift of Your grace, we may be one in You and may in nothing depart from the truth.
Thus united in Your name, may we in our every action follow the dictates of Your mercy and justice, so that today and always our judgments may not be alien to You and in eternity we may obtain the unending reward of our actions. Amen."

This is by Saint Isidore of Seville. Isn't it beautiful?

Makeup Guide for Every Occasion

Everyday by annaeileen on

Concealer, eyelash curler (be careful!), eyeliner, and lip gloss. All 10 bucks or less!

A Little "Oomph" Days

Add to above:


I've never been to a "real" party besides little birthday parties, but I imagine people would wear this type of stuff: Add to above.



Tuesday, January 18, 2011

March for Life.

The annual March for Life is held on 1/24/11. Check out this link for the the information of the March for Life.

Can't go? Watch the D.C. March at

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