Saturday, January 29, 2011

Give Yourself a Makeover for $25 or Less!!!

Bored with your style? Always wanted a makeover? Here's your go-to guide!


Most non-fancy salons will cut your hair for about $10. Here are some super hairstyles I've seen:

Once you choose a look, check your local library for hair style books.

Price so far: $10.


Look at consignment shops like Plato's Closet or sales for a statement tank top or two. It's a great way to update your style because tank top are fabulous layering clothes. Here's some examples(not in the price range-just examples):

Price so far: $17


Nail polish is a cheap and easy way to change your style. Try a wild color, like sparkles. Examples:

Again, wayyyy expensive, but Sinful Colors or Sally Hansen might have similar kinds.

Amount Spent: $20.


These feminine accessories and cute and cheap(all $5 or under):

Shimmering Rose Hair Clip
$4.80 -
Hair clips accessories »

Serre-tête floral
$3.80 -
Floral hair accessories »

Flower Hair Clips
$2.50 -
Hair clips accessories »

Amount Spent: $25!

There ya have it and remember attitude makeovers are more important : Smile!


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