Thursday, February 24, 2011

How to make a short skirt or dress modest

Hey there super fabulous Simply Catholic readers. (you're even more fabulous if you follow Simply Catholic. Just kidding.) Have you ever come upon the PERFECT dress or skirt, but it's too short. Well, all of us have. I have that problem when I go shopping at Forever21, or basically any clothing store. Even though I stole, well, actually borrowed, this idea from Elaine at Clothed Much, here's a simple tip on how to make that skirt or dress modest: Put another skirt underneath it. It might sound weird at first, but try it. What you need to do it take a fuller skirt (see bottom of post) and put it under your skirt or dress and it'll make it longer in no time! Right now I'm wearing an olive military-styled dress, but it was too short, so I just put a longer tan skirt from Old Navy underneath it. It looks fabulous, IMHO.

Also, quick note, I am addinh ShopStyle widgets to the end of my fashion or beauty posts, so please, check them out. The more clicks on an item we get, the more money we get. The more money we get, the more money we can give to charity. Yep, that's right, we're going to donate it to a charity. Info coming later!

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