Monday, February 21, 2011

You Won't Believe Justin Bieber Said This

Raise your hand if you like Justin Bieber! My hand is not raised. While I dislike Justin Bieber in general, I applaud him for his pro-life comments. Read the article about it here.


  1. Hey ladies...I saw a link to your blog on Sierra's "Mission Cool" blog. I had to check it out, I love it! About Justin Bieber, I guess I might have to raise my hand...I like some of his music, and he seems like a good boy. I'm really happy about some of the things he has done recently...I am applauding his pro-life comments too! I hope he stands for more of those kind of things!:)))
    God bless!~

  2. I know, my mom sent me this! I'm kinda starting to half-way like him. Also, thank you so much Mary for means a great deal to us girls at Simply Catholic!

  3. Hi Anna, Mary came form my blog.I found yours through Audrey following me.I like some of Justin's music.I wish that he wouldn't sing all girl songs.I think that he is doing better though.Pray is a really good song!I don't think that he is the cutest guy I've ever seen so I thank God for my clear headedness :) I definitely think that it is great that he is pro-life. Sierra

  4. I agree, he would be better if he sang some other songs. I don't really hate him or like him, I'm just proud of him for having the guts to go out and say that. Three cheers for Justin Bieber! Also, Sierra, I can't thank you ENOUGH for putting Simply Catholic's link on Mission Cool. It really means a lot to me, more than you'll ever know!


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