Thursday, March 31, 2011

Awkarward and Awsome Thursday!

~It still took me a few tries to spell "awkward" right..
~Having hiccups at a class then everyone gets real quiet and you hiccuupp
~the fact that i can only think of 2 things right now...
~Waking up and looking out the window and realizing that it has stopped raining for the first time in a couple weeks and is sunny!

~I just sent my sign up thingagamjig for junior lifeguards!! Its a 4-week class(not really a class but i don't know what to call it) on the beach that all my friends says is super hard...i've never done it..i'm scared

~This wetsuit that i want/need

~I think that winter is finally over!

~It is HOT here...well mabye mid 70's...but for were i live thats like a heat wave!! (avg hear is 55-60)

Leave a comment and tell us you Awkward's and Awsome's!

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