Thursday, March 10, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

To tell you the truth, I was so engrossed in my tons of schoolwork today, that I almost forgot that it was my turn to do the "Awkward and Awesome Thursday" this week. But, thank goodness, I remembered! Here ya go:
  • Having one of my (five) brother's friends say that I look like Emma Watson, and then not knowing what to say back. I stood there for what seemed like a minute thinking "Do I say 'Thank you' or just smile?" I didn't know, so I just kinda half smiled then walked out of the room. I feel bad because I didn't say anything now, but I didn't know at the minute what to say. I think it was awkward for both of us.
  • Sitting at a table with some girls I know, then having a boy come over because he's bored. After about a minute, the girls leave because their mom was coming to pick them up, and I'm left at the table with the really cute boy and nothing to say. He eventually left, only because it was super awkward for us both!
  • Self-taken pictures. Enough said.
  • Still not having a blogger profile picture. I know, it's lame. My 13-year-old brother cannot be convinced to take some pictures of me, so I'm left with self-taken pictures (see above).
  • Eating WAAAAAY too many cookies at lunch. That's bad because I'm on a diet, but it tasted soooo good after yesterday....
  • The fact that it's almost the weekend.
  • My hair. Not to brag, but SOMETIMES (emphasis on the sometimes) it looks like it just came out of the hair salon. It's a beautiful shad of red, wavy in the layers, and curls into ringlets at the bottom. Now I just need by bangs to lay flat.....
  • Anna's and Kayleigh's Awkward and Awesome Thursdays. Seriously, they are AWESOME!
  • Going to H&M for the first time in my life last Saturday. It was so great! I also went to Claire's and got some Spring jewelry.
  • Not only is my hair cut like Hermoine's and I'm mostly English (with German, French, Irish, Scandanavian thrown in), but also being able to copy Hermoine's voice perfectly. My parents were going to name me Emma, but I like Audrey better
  • My co-bloggers. Anna and Kayleigh are the best! Thanks so much girls for being the two best blogger friends in the world!
  • Setting up a ShopStyle account and donating the proceeds to Crisis Pregnancy Hotline, so get clickin'!
  • Putting eyeshadow on my lids, then putting a thin line of shadow under my eyes. It looks sooooooo good!
  • Having more awesomes than awkwards. I guess that's awesome?
Well, that's it for this week's Awkward and Awesome Thursday. Check in next week for Anna's!

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