Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Cool Lent Idea

My friend and her mom came up with the idea to practice the Corporal Works of Mercy during Lent, one on each Friday. Isn't that cool?. I added some easy, effective, and safe ideas to help you.

1. Feed the hungry. Donate some food to your local food bank or volunteer at a soup kitchen.

2. Give drink to the thirsty. Donate some bottled water to your food bank.

3. Clothe the naked. Donate your old clothes to a charitable organization. You could also buy some clothes (new or used) for your local crisis pregnancy center.

4. Shelter the homeless. Churches normally have a way of donating basic living items to your local homeless shelter. Ask your pastor if your church has a program.

5. Comfort the imprisoned. This one is tricky. To stay on the safe side, pray extra hard for those in jail.

6. Visit the sick. Volunteer at a hospital or nursing home. Older people are often lonely.

7. Bury the dead. Place graves on your relatives' graves or if that's not possible, go with a friend to their relatives' graves.

Hope this helps!

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