Saturday, March 12, 2011

How the media can completely change your point of view (in a good way)

I have a confession to make. No, its not one where you go into the confessional and get your sins forgiven, its a confession to Simply Catholic's readers. Here I am, blogging for a Catholic blog, acting like I'm all charitable and being a true Catholic, but I wasn't yesterday. Thursday night I couldn't sleep very well. I woke up quite a few times and took an hour to get to sleep. I woke up Friday morning, and was absorbed in all the cleaning I had to do, and the school that I had to work on. At breakfast, my mom told me that a massive earthquake had hit Japan. No effect on me, I was still busy thinking about how to get everything done that day. My mom told me that it had a 8.something magnitude, still no effect. I shrugged my shoulders and started working on the dishes. Later that day, after everything was done and I got my 30 minutes of internet time each day, I checked out my friend's blog (Hi Sierra), and saw that she was asking people to pray for the Japanese and asking her readers to check out pictures of the earthquake. I looked at them, one by one, taking in every detail. Tears started to well up in my eyes. I thought "How could I have been so selfish? These people over in Japan lost their lives in less than a minute, and all I was worried about was my chores for the day." I looked at more and more pictures, from different sites-ABCNews, FoxNews, Time- and every picture was the same. In every picture, there were fires, roads completely caved in, houses washed into the ocean, and massive waves killing any person who might happen to unluckily run into it. My dad showed me video after video, and it was too much for me. Last night in bed, I thought of those poor people. Women, men, and children, who were not prepared to die, but in less than a couple of seconds, many were dead. I now realize how lucky I am to still have my belongings, my house, my family, my LIFE.

So, today:

  • Thank God for everything that He has given you. Your family, your life, your belongings, your friends, everything. Pray to God for those you know, asking him to keep them safe.
  • Say an Act of Contrition, or go to Confession. The earthquake in Japan showed me that life is too short, and that there is no way of knowing when you will die. Those poor people only had seconds to live after the earthquake hit. What if that happens to you? Will your soul be ready to go to Heaven?
  • Give money to aid societies that are collecting donations for the Japanese. Especially because it's Lent, and almsgiving is part of the three of Lenten committments.

To view pictures and videos of the earthquake's devestation, either search it in your search engine, or go to major news broadcasters' websites. ABCNews has a lot of videos on the devestation.


  1. I know i was so scared one of my friends lives in Okinawa,Japan and another in Hawaii. Thank God they are safe but all those other people who aren't safe...

  2. Thanks for that post. We all do that and its a shame.

  3. Oh Audrey! I'm sorry I made you feel bad.And don't think that I'm a really great person or anything.Because I'm really not.I can definitely understand how it could be for you.It seems like a world away.We have some missionary friends in Japan.They were all alright.We don't know about one of the families though.I'm glad so many people are praying.In many ways God really turned a bad situation into a good one.Japan has so many earthquakes that they have shock absorbent stuff in their building and stuff like that.If it had happened somewhere else it would have been a lot worse.Plus this will be a great way for people to tell them about God.Sierra
    P.S. Thanks for your lovely comment on my Purity post :)That is awesome! I have a slightly large Purity ring.It's pretty plain.It just says Purity.I'm going to have to get another one that fits. You can see it at the bottom of my blog. Love you girl! ♥♥♥

  4. Sierra

    Don't weren't the one who made me feel bad, it was the link that made me feel selfish. Thank you though for helping me realize how horribly I was acting. My purity ring is pretty plain too, it's just got a heart with a cross in it, and it's silver, but that's cool that you have one too. It's a shame to say I never (remember to) wear mine!


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