Thursday, April 28, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Welp, it's my turn again for Awkward and Awesome Thursday, so here I go!


Rambling on, and on, and on. I tend to do that a lot

Watching a movie with my family while chewing on my baby brother's play basketball (I chew on things a lot, ok?) and then my brother's (cute, natch) friend comes in to study Biology with my brother. I throw the ball to my brother because it's kinda weird to be chewing on a basketball, it hits his head, and he says in a loud voice "Hey, why'd ya do that." That was really embarassing.

The fact that those are the only awkwards I have for today...


It's almost Friday, Friday, Friday, Friday. Sorry, couldn't resist that one. Everytime someone mentions Friday, that song comes into my head.

Watching Kate and Williams marriage tomorrow. SIGH. I wish I could marry a prince, never have to work, have maids, afford nice clothing, and live in a palace. But, alas, that is never happening!

Hate to put this in the awesome category, but not having a tornado in my town. Poor Tuscaloosa!

Please, please, please pray for all those who died last night due to the tornadoes. May their souls rest in peace

Also, as a closing note, our giveaway ends tomorrow, so stay tuned for the announcement of who one. Another giveaway is coming up really soon too, so be sure to check in for that one.

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  1. That song can get stuck in your head and it is terrible!I heard it had been labeled worst music video and I juts had to see if it was true.It is.I am so excited!We are still figuring out which station it's on and what time though.I'll be here.Sierra


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