Sunday, April 17, 2011

Movie Review: Soul Surfer

Abbi (from True-blue Abbi) just posted a movie review of this same movie but I promise I didn't steal the whole thing!!
         Soul Surfer was an amazing movie about teenage Bethany Hamilton  after losing her arm in a shark attack, and losing 60% of her blood, she got back in the water to fulfill her dream of becoming a pro surfer.  With the help of her supportive family and a lot of faith, she was able to catch her first wave.  I love how this movie doesn't hide that the Hamilton family was Christian.  It's such a realistic movie, none of it looks 'fakey-made-in-Hollywood'.

 The real Bethany Hamilton



  1. I love Bethany.I think it's great that they made a movie about her!Sierra

  2. it sounds interesting! based off true story?


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