Friday, April 15, 2011

Tagged by Sierra (again)

Alrighty, this is LONG overdue, but Sierra tagged me here:

So, for this tag I have to:

Thank the person who tagged me (THANK YOU SIERRA!),

Tell seven things about yourself

1) I have very bad asthma and very bad vision

2) I have 5 brothers, and am the only girl :(

3) I just started blogging about a year ago. Before that, I had NO idea what blogging was

4) I have red hair and big eyes

5) I am terrified of snakes, spiders, and heights. About the last one, I almost throw up if we're in a car and we go over a big hill. NOT GOOD.

6) I am very optimistic and outgoing. I also tend to be a little bossy. Whoops!

7) I am an avid gum chewer, BUT I'm getting braces in two months. :(

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I'm running short on time, so I'll do this tomorrow

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