Friday, May 20, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Hello girlies! It's my turn for Awkward and Awesome Thursday this week, so here goes. Also, go say congrats to the fabulous lady who started A&A Thursday!


Having a friend come over to my house the other night, when he was still recovering from his stomach bug. She picked him up and he immediately started bawling because he was cranky and cried "I want my mommy." It was really awkward.

Going to an advanced choir practice for auditions that were today. (Please note: for this high school advanced choir, you had to tryout and be picked, instead of just being scheduled for it) When I went in the other day, I ended up being late because the doors were locked and I had to go around, so I came in the room when they were about half-way through the song. Everyone stared at me.....

As I was walking in the choir room door the other day, a guy who was practicing the dance for the songs smacked me right in the face.....that was awkward for us both.


Doing advanced choir tryouts, not missing a single move during the auditions, AND singing really great. Everyone said that I was the best dancer in the room *blush* (I'm not sure if I got in yet, but I'll let you know when I find out tomorrow/later tonight)

My grandpa and grandma coming from Florida to visit us for the weekend! Totally awesome!

Finishing school last Tuesday!!!!!

Finishing Spring Cleaning which we started last week on Wednesday :(

Stephen Colbert's parody of Friday by Rebecca Black. So awesome!

That's it. Also, another giveaway coming up....tomorrow. Stay tuned because Kayleigh is going to announce the really cool things that we are giving away!

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  1. Hey Audrey,
    I'm looking forward to the giveaway and thanks for entering mine!
    I'm sorry I may have been a bit absent.Our internet has been out since Tuesday and we just got it back last night.I have to say...Friday is not the best song.It just isn't well put together.That video is funny though :)
    It is awesome that your going to get to see your Grandparents :)


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