Monday, May 9, 2011

The Comment Challenge

As Catholics/Christians, we are highly encouraged to do acts of charity for others. In the blogging world, there aren't really any acts of charity you can do for your far away friends that you have never met. About the only thing you can do for your bloggy friends is to leave a comment. In small blogs, comments are very sparse. Even in big blogs, heartfelt comments are very rare. So, I am starting the comment challenge. We'll start out small, and then later on get to some big comment challenges. So, if you are ready to join this challenge, this is this week's challenge:
Comment on 5 of your favorite blogs. Make the comment heartfelt and not just a "your outfit is cute."
So, the challenge starts today, and ends on Sunday 5/15. Leave a comment on this post if you have completed this, I will trust you. After 5/15, I will use and that commenter will win an interview/feature. You can choose.
What are you waiting for, get commenting!

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  1. I've commented on 5 people's blogs. I hope more people see this and some comment on mine. Hahaha(: Well, I guess that's all. Great idea Audrey...wonderful.

    -aBBi giRL


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