Thursday, May 12, 2011


AND IT WAS IN MY WINDOW!!! I freaked out!! I went in the garage and got a fishing net (go ahead...laugh) and a file folder and tried to trap the bee (Its name is Albert) against the glass and he kept getting madder and madder and I finally got him in the net and out side and the I had a brilliant idea! I said, "I'm gonna put him in the empty fish tank!"  (its gotta lid)  Nick, my oldest little brother wouldn't help me (Didn't want to hurt poor little Albert) so I got Patrick who is 5 to help me.  It didn't work.  We had him in the cage but the lid wouldn't close so... yeah.  Plan ruined Albert escaped.  Y'all didn't get pictures.  sorry.

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  1. i hate bees, i have been stung twice, and i thought someone was stabbing me :( i was the worst! i like your daily prayer intention! i will def pray for your friends and mother.hope you can check out my blog for some more +vibe and happiness! i also have an awesome giveaway,too.xo


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