Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Today was an interesting day (and I learned a couple lessons)....

Why? Well, because 1, I caught a stray dog, and 2, our house almost exploded. I’ll explain myself, don’t worry

1: I caught a stray dog
This black Labrador has been wandering all over our neighborhood for the past 3 days. The poor thing was extremely friendly and loyal. It was also filthy, very thin, and had no collar. Since we also have a black lab, Bishop, everyone kept calling us and asking if he had run away. We, of course, said no, because ,even though Bishop has gotten through our electric fence 4 times now, had not run away. So, because of these somewhat annoying phone calls which occurred quite a few times a day, we jumped at the chance to capture the stray. When the dog was in our neighbor’s lawn, we fed it treats and managed to get an extra collar over his head, and our neighbors took him to their house, where he is currently (and happily) residing until we find him a nice house where he will be loved, and not dumped without a collar of license!

Lesson learned: Never dump a dog just because you don’t want it anymore. Especially a nice, sweet dog like the one I caught today. Please, just give it to an animal shelter, don’t let it run around until it dies of starvation!

2: Our house almost exploded
We were getting ready to make hamburgers, and since it was raining, my brother Alex moved the grill into our garage. Alex ignited the grill, turned it on high, closed the lid, and went inside to make the hamburgers. A few minutes later I went outside to put a garbage bag in our garbage cans, and I noticed the whole garage was filled with smoke and that the grill WAS ON FIRE! I rushed inside and told my brothers, who turned off the grill and extinguished the flames with water. The scary thing was that if I hadn’t gone out to the garage until 2 or 3 minutes later, the fire would have reached our propane tank and it would have exploded, causing our house to blow up! Whew, that was a close one!

Lesson learned: Never leave a grill alone, in a garage, turned on high, with the lid closed.

Exciting day, huh? Tomorrow we’re most likely going to my state’s capital where my dad works to have lunch with him, which we do every summer, so that ought to be fun. Well, more like it will be fun getting all dressed up to go to the “big city.” I think I’ll just wear my chambray button-up, roll-up high-waist khaki shorts, lots of bangles and a braided top knot. (Don’t tell Seventeen but I am totally stealing the top knot from their second last issue) Another exciting thing is that part of my (distant) family joined the blogging world. So, go say “hi” to my (1st, 2nd????) cousin Matt over at his new blog!*

*I’ve never actually met Matt, but my brother Evan and my mom have met him. He lives in a state far, far away....

Aside from exploding grills and super-nice-stray-dogs-that-I-want-to-keep, dont' forget to enter our giveaway. It ends this Friday, and then Frances will be posting another awesome giveaway, so stay tuned!


  1. Wow...sounds like you had quite an adventurous day! Thank God the grill didn't blow up!

  2. I'm so glad you went in there!God really used you!
    Poor stray...
    Have fun in the city!I won't tell Seventeen.


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