Thursday, July 14, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday


  • standing in line for the bathroom at the store for a SUPER long time then the woman finally comes out and shes like, "sorry that took so long i've got the runs and you know how that is....."  she was going on and on and on....
  • getting the worst sunburn OF MY LIFE last Thursday, my face was sooo blistered and red!!


  • summer!!!!!  This has been the best summer of my life!!!!!!!!!  never mind. second best.  
  • going to the beach with my friends!!
  • pretending to be mermaids with my best friends after swim practice.  Then the guys ask what the heck we are doing and we tell them"we're mermaids duuh" then pj was like, yeah! and im a merman!  we all looked at him like uhhh.... then burst out laughing.  I have the best friends evveeerrr
  • We are now up  to 50 followers!!! thanks so much you guys!


  1. sorry about the sunburn! ouch. :( i know how that is.

  2. haha yeah... it was totally worth the sun burn though cause I had sooo much fun!


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