Thursday, July 14, 2011

I found this on Abbi's blog, true blue abbi

Age: 13!  

Bed Size: twin
Chore You Hate:  making my bed is officially the worst buuut since I never do it...
unloading the dishwasher

Dogs: nope

Essential Part of Your Day: swimming

Favorite Color: yellow  but it changes like everyday!

Gold Or Silver: sliver 

Height: 5 ft 3in still taller then my brother!! 
Instruments I Play: piano.. iiiiiccckkkk i hate piano

Job Title: Babysitter, big sister  it IS a job

Live: CALIFORNIA loooove it

Moms Name: katie
Nicknames: my "secret code name" with my friends is flip flop cause thats the only shoes I wear
Overnight Hospital Stay(s): when I was born......

Pet Peeves: LOTS Haha

Quote From A Movie: Can't remember any......  so I got one off of this website
Fred McDadeOh, you know dogs. They go where they want.
GruNot if they're dead. ~Despicable Me

Right Or Left Handed: Righty :]


Time You Wake Up Usually: in 8:30 or 9.  unless my family is quiet(which never happens) then i can sleep till like 10

Underwear: yeah?

Vegetables You Dislike: can't really think of any...

What Makes You Run Late: my baby sister and brother
X-Rays You've Had Done: nooooonnne

Yummy Food You Make: brownies
Zoo Animal: monkeys

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