Saturday, July 2, 2011

Saint Saturday

(taken from Saints: A Year in Faith and Art by Rosa Giorgi and American Catholic)
This coming week, on the 4th of July, is the feast of St. Elizabeth of Portugal. Daughter of King Peter III of Aragon, she married Denis, king of Portugal, at the young age of 12. As queen, she befriended the sick, poor, pilgrims and strangers. She reconciled her husband with her rebellious son, Alfonso, who had led a revolt against him. Despite her husbands continuous infidelities, she remained patient and devoted to him. When King Denis died, she joined a Franciscan convent and spend he rest of her life there. She is normally depicted in royal garb holding an olive branch. The name Elizabeth is Hebrew and means "God is abundance."

And now for a little riddle! This week is the feast day of a saint who's become quite famous despite her relatively short life. (no cheating or googling the answer!)
1. She is a martyr
2. She is depicted holding lilies

Ok, no more clues, or else it'll be too easy. Leave a comment with the answer if you think you know it. Don't forget our giveaway!

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