Friday, July 1, 2011

Summer time

 Right now I'm doing this amazing, incredible, so-much-fun, camp- Junior lifeguards. Jgs for short. It's four weeks long (that is why I asked Audrey to do my A&A last week) It's on the beach: push-ups, sit-ups, running, swimming (in the ocean) learning about rip currents, "saving" our "drowning" friends, totally fun.  Each week we went on a field trip to a different beach to do something new and exciting. snorkeling- i sat on a paddle board with leslie and dana and we stuck our faces in the water while max and nic pushed us around, :P
surfing- I CAUGHT A WAVE AND STOOD UP!!! so stinkin' fun!! took a lot of practice and some looking very very VERY stupid
push-ups- this isn't very interesting but i and so proud of myself because at the beginning of this camp I could barely do 10 in a row now I can do 20.
running- at the begining of JGs we did what we call a "condo run"  its probably a little more then a mile.  We were all dying during the run and we walked quite a bit of it (don't judge! I'm a terrible runner) Now when we do a condo run, we can run the entire way and not die.
In the 3rd week, there was a competition between several different JG teams.  There were probably 1000 kids and in the Run Swim Run, I placed 24th.  In the Distance swim i got 16th.  And best of all...I was chosen for the fastest swim relay!  My relay team got 1st place!  Overall in the competition, my team got 3rd place!

I met this girl who I ate my first piece of birthday cake with! We knew each other since before we were born(well...our parents knew each other) and when I was little my family moved for a few years then moved back  then we re-met.  so. weird.

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