Saturday, August 13, 2011

Saint Saturday

This week's saint is St. Lawrence, the martyr. He was a deacon under Pope Sixtus II, who also was a martyr. There is a legend surrounding St. Lawrence that, since he was a deacon, he was in charge of the Church's treasury. A prefect of Rome ordered Lawrence to bring forth the treasure in order to give it to the emporer. Lawrence was given three days, and on the third, he came back with a number of poor, blind, sick, orphaned and widowed people and said to the prefect, "These are the treasures of the Church." St. Lawrence was then put to death around the year 258. He is the patron saint of the poor and cooks. We can pray to have moral strength like St. Lawrence and to remain faithful to God even in trying circumstances. St. Lawrence, pray for us!

(taken from American Catholic)

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