Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Truth

I thought you guys should know a little bit about my life right now. So here ya go!

TRUTH IS: High school has been hard for me so far. Academically, I'm gonna be top of my grade. Socially, I fit in, but no one wants to hang out with me. No one dresses modestly, no one hasn't had a relationship, no one goes to mass. It's hard, but I'm going to get through this, I promise. :)

TRUTH IS: I'm struggling with blogging. Firstly, I'm sort of lazy. I could have some awesome posts, but I'm too darn lazy. Secondly, during the week it's hard to find time to post. So, I'm gonna try to be better at that.

TRUTH IS: I'm struggling with my church. Not my faith, but my church. All of the kind, loving priests left, and now we're stuck with a bitter one. He is really nasty, but I'm just going to leave it at that.

Anyways, dont' worry. I'm going to get through it all. I promise. I'll try to be more dilligent about blogging and post better posts. I also apologize to all of our readers and followers, I'll do my part to make this an even better blog. We have lots of giveaways coming from lots of generous people, so please hold on for a while. I just need to get my ducks in a row. And if you guys could pray for me that would be great. I really need some help as far as high school and friends. Thank you all!

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  1. I'll definitely be praying for you.Those people don't know who they aren't hanging out with :) If that made any sense...
    I hope you get some nicer priests too.
    You are going to make it through and I can't wait for more posts(we can all be lazy).Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)


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