Thursday, November 17, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Going to the beach when its like 55 degrees outside!!

pretending to be mermaid with my friends after swim practice. then the guys ask us what the heck we are doing and we tell them "we're mermaids duuh!" then one of my guy friends was like "yeah i'm a merMAN!"  we all looked at him like uuhhhh then busted out laughing. i have the best friends evvverrr! :)

the other day i painted my nails PERFECTLY. not one little smuge!!!!!! i was so proud of myself!!!!  now they are chipped and kinda terrible looking but it was good for a day.

 There is this guy. And he is so incredible. and perfect. and amazing. and i could go on and on for PAGES. but i'll spare you ;) and I love him. I'm so happy

Going shopping with my friend and splitting up to look for our own clothes then meeting up after a bit and finding out we had picked out the same exact shirt and jeans!!! 
 Derek Heart Striped Dolman Sweater <------ thats the shirt but it looks different on me. 

Last night i colored my hair red with a marker cause i was bored then i had to go to bed so i tied my hair in a bun and crashed.  WHEN I WOKE UP it was still red (i think i was expecting it to go away magically over night...) i took my hair outta the bun and flipped it and i was like OMG WHY IS MY HAIR RED?? MY HAIR IS RED! oh wait..i did that... *never mind*

getting the hiccups while I was on the above^^ shopping adventure soo bad. and i couldn't get rid of them forever!!!!!!

My brother not minding his own business. AND NOT LEAVING ME ALONE.

You know those moments where you say something and everyone takes it different than you meant it?  The ones that are so embarasing that you lay in bed that night? yeahhhh i do that  a lot

My ninja skills. aka looking like an idiot trying to kick the stupid soccer ball. :P but they are pretty awesome too!!!!!! haha 


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  1. That. iPhone. Conversaton. XD That's totally me!

    Everybody has ninja skills, its just some people like to display them in different settings. Me? When I try to play mini golf. Yeah let's just say I am way too hyperactive to play a slow sport like that :P


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