Monday, November 28, 2011

Best Friends:

They will always be there for you.
When a guy messes with you, your girls will be there to yell at him.
They'll tell off the ones who make you cry,
whisper for hours about your life.
Make you laugh when you don't want to smile
Talk all night long then be a grouch in the morning cause you wouldn't shut up and let her sleep
Just looking at each other make you burst out laughing
the way you look at each other when a cute guy walks by then scream "I SAW HIM FIRST!" as soon as hes out of earshot

You lay on the floor laughing your face off
You say your ok and they tell you to stop lying

The ones who will say anything cause they honestly don't care what other people think

The ones you can be absolutely insane around

The ones who promise people not to tell then run to you and say OMG YOU'LL NEVER GUESS WHAT HE JUST TOLD ME!

The ones who you sit in front of the tv saying what should we watch over and over till someone gets the remote for you
The ones you yell at to feed you

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  1. Love this! The one, "I need someone who is prepared for..." is so me!


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