Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mark Your Bible!

This is going to sound horrible, but honestly, I have never been an avid reader of the Bible. But then I saw this on Pinterest:

And then I realized I should probably start. It goes along with the whole being-closer-to-God and being-a-better-person thing.

So, I started reading the Bible, but not only reading it, I'm also marking my favorite passages with this:

It's a Bible Accessory Kit that includes 4 highlighters that don't bleed, a ruler/magnifying glass, and index tabs to mark the different books.

It is so awesome! I love it because I can now highlight my favorite passages AND find my favorite books better. I think that it really helps because if you highlight the passages that are special and significant to you, it really does help you become a better person. Even if you don't want to buy the kit, just grab a highlighter and start on your own. It really does work!

This post is not sponsored, it is just the authors opinions and suggestions

Monday, July 30, 2012

A Great Read

Hey girls! Sorry it's been so long since I've posted, I'll try to be better about that. But after a long break from blogging, I think I'm ready to be back!

Anyways, you all should definitely read Rediscovering Catholicism by Matthew Kelly if you haven't already. It really explains our wonderful faith better, and it's really easy to understand. It's also very eye-opening.  I am a much better Catholic since reading this book. Even if you're not Catholic, you should still read it, because it tells you ways that you can become closer to God. So, what are you waiting for? Go get it!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Long Story

      Hey you guys! This is a realllllly long story, so if you read the whole thing, you're amazing. No, this isn't a story I wrote up for a local fiction contest, or something I made up when I was bored, this is MY story. This is the story of my life lately, straight from the heart. So, here goes.
      As most of you probably know, I started going to my local public high school last fall. I was homeschooled before, and this was a big step for me. Being a social butterfly and very outgoing, I enjoyed being around lots of people, which was a nice break from only being around my brothers and parents all day, every day. But things changed, I changed, and I'm not happy about how I changed.

     As of a couple of weeks ago, I had no idea how much I had changed, but then, someone I knew before I went to my public high school said that I had changed, for the worse. This confused me, a lot. And it got me thinking. I think the biggest way I've changed is that I'm not as happy as I used to be, and this is for a lot of reasons which I'm going to start explaining.

   Part 1: The first (and probably biggest) reason I'm not happy: I've crept further and further away from God. I don't mean that I'm becoming Atheist, or even leaving the Catholic church, it's just when you're exposed to everything in the public school system at once, it gets you thinking. I thought that I could find myself if I stopped being so close to God. Which, sounds stupid, but since my parents are so deeply rooted in the Catholic faith, I thought that doing the opposite of what they do would make me "freer" and my own person. I also thought people would like me if I acted ignorant about the beautiful religion I was so deeply educated in. But it didn't help. I found that I wasn't happy when I was far away from God, and acting like I didn't like being Catholic didn't help with people liking me AT ALL. In fact, I think they could see right through my acting and knew I was just being fake, which probably turned them off even more. This past weekend, a close family friend was celebrating his first mass after his ordination as a priest, and the look of extreme happiness on his face made me realize how genuinely happy he was, and it was all because he was so close to God. And being far from God didn't help me feel free, even if I wasn't doing what my parents were doing for once, it just made me feel.....LOST. I felt so alone, so sad, and it was all because I thought it was time for this big girl (who's not even 16 yet...ha) to be independent. Now that I know it's so different, I'm a lot happier, and I feel relieved. I don't care if I know more stuff about religion than the average public-schooler does, that's the way I want it! (Not hating against those of you who are public schooled, just to clarify)

Part 2: The desperate search for friends and the epic failures that always came along with it. It's true, I don't have friends. Well, that's not entirely true, I have two friends, one guy friend, one girl friend. But I don't even know how I have that many. As I mentioned before, I think I acted a little fake around the people I knew. I acted like I didn't like being Catholic, I acted like a ditz, I acted like I wasn't talented, and I actually tried the "bad-girl" thing. Yep, none of them worked. I thought I could get friends if I tried to fit in, but I'm pretty sure they could see through my acting. And, on top of having like no friends, I also wasn't happy with myself. I knew that that wasn't the best I could be, and I knew that wasn't the true me...which was just wrong.

Part 3: Hoping for my Prince Charming....as a freshman. I'm sure every girl has dreams of their Prince Charming. Handsome, Talented, and everything else a girl could want, and willing to give his special girl all the love he had. But you see, I wanted that love now. I guess it came along with feeling alone because of the lack of closeness with God, and the fact I had no friends, but I just wanted to feel loved and respected, and I thought I'd find it in a guy in my small town. I still haven't had a boyfriend, but I still dream about going to movies with the right guy, my first kiss that I still haven't had, and walks holding hands while watching a beautiful sunset. But as I searched for that love, I realized I was missing out on the people who loved me the most: my family. Even though my brothers can be a pain, I know they love me and I love them. So thank you to my wonderful family for always being there and making me feel loved.

These are just some of the big things that have contributed to my unhappiness, but I think I've finally found out what that one person meant. I think he could tell that I wasn't happy with myself, and THAT is how I've changed. So here I am, leaving my thoughts and feelings open to the whole world, but I figure maybe I can inspire some one, some way. Maybe it's being more active in your faith, maybe it's letting your true person shine, and maybe it's realizing that your family loves you no matter what. But I hope you have taken at least ONE thing out of this, and that's to be the best person you can be, because when you are, I think that's when you're truly happy.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Today's outfit, tomorrow's laundry

Today's outfit, tomorrow's laundry

Jigsaw cotton knit cardigan
£98 - jigsaw-online.com

H M printed shirt
£7.99 - hm.com

Dorothy Perkins coral high heels
$69 - dorothyperkins.com

Kate spade jewelry
$248 - katespade.com

Resin jewelry
$40 - witchery.com.au

Vince Camuto enamel bangle
$38 - shoptheshoebox.com

Aqua enamel bangle
$25 - bloomingdales.com

J Crew enamel jewelry
$15 - jcrew.com

Floppy hat

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Life Lately

All of Saturaday and Sunday the weekend before last i was at a swim meet (my friends and I all stayed in the same hotel and had sooo much fun!!) And I did really really good in all my events, I did a 200 fly (which is 8 lengths of the pool)  < -- and I look just like that lol, man shoulders and all ;) haha not really... I think this is my new favorite event...I did the entire thing in 2 min 32 sec.  and I got the Junior Olympic time!!!!!!!!! This is like HUGE i've been trying for a Junior Olympic time cut since I was like 6!  Junior Olympics is a meet that you can't swim at unless you have a certain time, I have never gotten the time before and I did!!!! I'm so happy! I can't believe I finally got it!  We went to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory (and our waitress was a swimmer too! we didn't know her but we talked about swimming for a few minuets haha) then we went to this place called Snow Ice and it was AMAZING!  We got a shaved ice  and it was shaved so fine it was like eating snow!! it had strawberrys and condenced milk and marshmallows and a bunch of other sugary stuff on it ;)
it was huuuge!
Then we went to the hotel and tried to squeeze my friend into a suitcase:
 (that is my foot on the suitcase!)
Then we went to the meet the next day!  It was so much fun!  I got all best times and on the very 1st event of the day which i was swimming, they sang the National Anthem and then Maddie and I were like "Oh we should go see if our event is posted yet!"  so we start walking over to behind the blocks to wait for our event and we heard our names called cause our heat was about to swim and we were about to miss it!!  So we sprinted over to our lanes( I literally ran out of my clothes!) I had my timer cap me and i made it to my event!  But it was SO CLOSE!  After I finished my swim I got out of the pool and picked up my shirt shorts towel and flip flops which were in a trail from where i was when i heard my name called to my lane....

Then the other day, my swim team had a pizza party because there were a couple people moving up into the  group im in (one of them is my boyfriend so i was like so happy that we'd be in the same group again!!!) and there were a bunch of swim caps and sharpies so we all wrote all of our inside jokes on them. some of them were soo funny! omg we were all dying laughing the entire night.  Anna tried to make Sarah think that she liked Brendan...omg it was hilarious!!!! Sarah totally believed Anna!! and Brendan was just kinda freaked out haha but he played along :)  And the best part, there was a waiter who looked like Liam Hemsworth!!!!


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl

I don't really like football, and I usually don't follow it, but I do always watch the Super Bowl. I love the funny ads, making fun of the horrible singers at the halftime show, and just seeing who wins. I hope the Giants win this year, just because I don't like the Patriots. Who are you rooting for this year?

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Spring Style

Because of this crazy Midwestern weather, I've got Spring on the mind, and shopping too, so here are some of my top picks from Forever21 for Spring:

1: I think these chandelier earrings would look totally adorable with a blouse and and your hair up in a ponytail

2: This mustard colored skirt is the perfect color for Spring, and you can wear it right now with tights and some super cute flats.

3: I just couldn't pass up this heart-printed skirt. It is so perfect for Valentine's Day, and the pastels make it appropriate for Spring.

4: These stackable rings are so cute, and for only $2.80 for the four of them, they're so irresistible.

5: Every girl definitely needs an LBD, and this one is so perfect because it's a shirtdress, which means that it's more wearable to school.

6: The teal color of this dress is so presh, and the back has a bow in it. I'm speechless.

7: This seersucker jacket is very versatile, and it's got tiny pink and white stripes in it, which is pretty much perfect in my fashion book

8: This headband helps you channel your inner Mickie Mouse, and it comes in three totally adorable colors: white, red, and blue.

9: Last but not least, is this beautiful dress. The coral color is presh for Spring, and the black side panels make you look super slim, so it's win-win.

Hope you ladies enjoyed!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Crazy weather, crazy life

So, I live in the midwest of the United States. Usually on February 1st, we would probably have 2-3 inches of snow, which I personally don't mind, but not today. Today, it reached a high of 65....and my brain keeps on thinking that it's April already. It's totally crazy. Now, I don't mind 65 degrees, because I like warmer weather, but I do like some snow during the winter. So far, we've only had 2 small dustings of snow...I hate how the midwest is so unpredictable.

So, along with the crazy weather, my life is also super crazy. I know that I've already told you guys about 4 times how sorry I was that I haven't been posting a lot, and how I'll try to post more, but I somehow never get around to posting, and I've been thinking about that. I know that it's probably really boring to follow a blog that only posts once every 2 weeks, so this time, I am going to start posting more. Now, I can't promise a lot, but probably once on the weekend because my life is super crazy. I have something going on every.single.night of the week. I have so many things going on that its too many to list. But, if you just hang in there, I'll get my ducks in a row and start posting more. Sorry, I'll try to be a better blogger!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Footprints In The Sand

I am addicted to tumblr....its official. lol


Friday, January 13, 2012

Movie Review

Hey girls!! It's been...forever, I know. Life is busy!

I went to see the new movie The Adventures of Tintin with my family the other week, and I'd thought I'd tell you about it. Firstly, Tintin is a series of graphic novels by a man under the pen name Hergé, a French writer and artist. The books are about the adventures of a newspaper reporter, Tintin, and his dog Snowy. I've been reading Tintin since I was about ten and I've read all the books in the series.

Back to the movie--the animation was astonishing. The characters' facial expressions and body movements were so fluent, that for a moment I thought it was live action. The movie was a mix of the Tintin books The Secret of the Unicorn, Red Rackham's Treasure, and The Crab with the Golden Claws, though primarily the first two.

Tintin and his friend Captain Haddock are trying to find the treasure hidden by Sir Francis Haddock, Captain Haddock's ancestor. It was fast-paced, with lots of humor and excitement. There were lots of surprises, and if you've read the books, there were lots of inside jokes and characters that you'll recognize.

It's rated PG for some action scenes, with things such as animated sword/fist fighting and guns, but overall, I wouldn't think it's a big issue for kids. I highly recommend it for either something to do with a friend or with your family.
Click here to watch the trailer.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I am currently in love with some certain items of clothing...I'm not sure if they're exactly "in" right now, but nevertheless, I am drooling over them.

1) TOMS. They're so cute and versatile. I love the red ones especially.

2) This lovely black dress from Old Navy. It's only $20, too!

3) These wedged booties. Need I say more??

4) This adorable J. Crew hoodie. I love the stripes and the black band at the bottom. However, it's way over my price range, so I'll have to wear it in my dreams. :P

5) These mustard colored jeans from Boden. I'm really liking vibrant jeans right now.

Thursday, January 5, 2012


I was looking around today and saw this post on Bree's blog: Bubbly Giggles and Enchanting Smiles and decided to join in!

100 things I'm thankful for in 2011:

  1. My family
  2. Friends
  3. Health
  4. Swimming
  5. Love
  6. Taylor Swift
  7. Music
  8. iPod
  9. computers
  10. pug dogs 
  11. Blogger
  12. 78 followers!!
  13. getting comments *hint hint* lol
  14. TV
  15. red nail polish
  16. you tube
  17. the beach
  18. sand
  19. waves
  20. boogie boarding
  21. surfing
  22. dolphins
  23. pretty necklaces
  24. my hair straightener
  25. books
  26. God
  27. My faith
  28. Tangled
  29. Snow White
  30. Roses
  31. chocolate
  32. rubber ducks
  33. Maddie and Kourtney, my best friends
  34. Justin, my boyfriend 
  35. sleepovers
  36. cheese
  37. goldfish
  38. hot chocolate
  39. In n Out Burger
  40. Love
  41. waterfalls
  42. falling leaves
  43. Junior Lifegaurds
  44. perfume
  45. flip flops
  46. pony tails
  47. my swim team family
  48. Lucky, by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat
  49.  lipgloss
  50. mascara
  51. pitchforks (inside joke)
  52. sunsets
  53. cameras
  54. rings
  55. mountains
  56. netflix
  57. The Last Song
  58. Forever 21
  59. Online shopping
  60. being one of the guys
  61. getting dressed up
  62. parties
  63. warm blankets after a cold swim practice
  64. smilie faces :)
  65. laughing
  67. blond moments
  68. firdays
  69. staying up late
  70. sleeping in
  71. stars
  72. Bonfires at the beach late at night
  73. guy friends
  74. best friends like sisters
  75. shorts
  76. late night walks on the beach with my friends <3
  77. orange juice
  78. tears
  79. flowers
  80. chocolate cake
  81. mud
  82. bubbles
  83. summer
  84. telling secrets all night long with friends
  85. cookie dough
  86. a perfect tan
  87. pillow pets
  88. cozy pajamas
  89. storms 
  90. kisses
  91. hugs
  92. The Help
  93. Cheesy chili
  94. my ninja skill :P
  95. Dr. Pepper
  96. swinging
  97. staying home alone
  98. fireflies
  99. happiness
  100. Life
This kinda of turned into things I love...but same thing right?
I also made a new years resolution (i can't EVER keep them lol) 
Make every moment count
We'll see if I keep it. :P
This was supposed to be posted on New Years Day but blogger wouldn't let me post :/ 

Monday, January 2, 2012

Book Review: Seventeen's Ultimate Guide to Style

It's been a long time since I blogged, I know....sorry. I try, I really do, but my life is so crazy 24/7. Anyway, I got Seventeen's Ultimate Guide to Style for Christmas, and I love it. So I thought I'd do a review for you.
Seventeen's Ultimate Guide to Style is a book that is designed to, obviously, guide people in discovering their style(s). There are 6 categories: Girly, Edgy, Boho, Classic, Glam, and Indie. Each section has the staples for that style, how to style those staples, an example of a girl who shows her favorite school, date, party, and casual looks, a celebrity and her best looks, and other examples of perfect looks. Each section also has tips on how to balance out your style that way you don't look too much of one category. At the end, there are also basic accessories you need, and how to find your perfect swimsuits and jeans.
Personally, I loved Seventeen's Ultimate Guide to Style. It really helped me find my style....I found out that I'm a mix of Girly and Classic. The book also provided some inspiration for my daily outfits. Seventeen's Ultimate Guide to Style is a book you should definitely get if you don't have it, it's completely worth the money.
Disclamier: This review was not sponsored by anyone and the author's views are strictly her own.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Girls Life

You should totally go check out this awesome blog (click here to see it) written by Maddie Shae.  Originally the name was Mad Maddie's Madness now, A Girls life.  Mabye you've read it?  She has had a blog since November, but she only has 3 followers.  I know it would make her day to have some more fabulous followers!!  I absolutly loooove her blog!  She posts on all kinds of stuff, from fashion and face wash to quotes and inspiration.     she  absolutely *ah-mazing* and so sweet.  So go follow her!  or at least go check it out!  
(some of my favorite pictures from her blog)


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