Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Girls Life

You should totally go check out this awesome blog (click here to see it) written by Maddie Shae.  Originally the name was Mad Maddie's Madness now, A Girls life.  Mabye you've read it?  She has had a blog since November, but she only has 3 followers.  I know it would make her day to have some more fabulous followers!!  I absolutly loooove her blog!  She posts on all kinds of stuff, from fashion and face wash to quotes and inspiration.     she  absolutely *ah-mazing* and so sweet.  So go follow her!  or at least go check it out!  
(some of my favorite pictures from her blog)



  1. I have her blog open in a new tab :D
    I love the last photo "The quietest people have the loudest minds"

    I like your blog :D Follow me? <3


  2. Oh my,thank you so much! You're seriously sooo sweet! Thank you!!

    Maddie Shae


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