Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Today's outfit, tomorrow's laundry

Today's outfit, tomorrow's laundry

Jigsaw cotton knit cardigan
£98 - jigsaw-online.com

H M printed shirt
£7.99 - hm.com

Dorothy Perkins coral high heels
$69 - dorothyperkins.com

Kate spade jewelry
$248 - katespade.com

Resin jewelry
$40 - witchery.com.au

Vince Camuto enamel bangle
$38 - shoptheshoebox.com

Aqua enamel bangle
$25 - bloomingdales.com

J Crew enamel jewelry
$15 - jcrew.com

Floppy hat

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Life Lately

All of Saturaday and Sunday the weekend before last i was at a swim meet (my friends and I all stayed in the same hotel and had sooo much fun!!) And I did really really good in all my events, I did a 200 fly (which is 8 lengths of the pool)  < -- and I look just like that lol, man shoulders and all ;) haha not really... I think this is my new favorite event...I did the entire thing in 2 min 32 sec.  and I got the Junior Olympic time!!!!!!!!! This is like HUGE i've been trying for a Junior Olympic time cut since I was like 6!  Junior Olympics is a meet that you can't swim at unless you have a certain time, I have never gotten the time before and I did!!!! I'm so happy! I can't believe I finally got it!  We went to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory (and our waitress was a swimmer too! we didn't know her but we talked about swimming for a few minuets haha) then we went to this place called Snow Ice and it was AMAZING!  We got a shaved ice  and it was shaved so fine it was like eating snow!! it had strawberrys and condenced milk and marshmallows and a bunch of other sugary stuff on it ;)
it was huuuge!
Then we went to the hotel and tried to squeeze my friend into a suitcase:
 (that is my foot on the suitcase!)
Then we went to the meet the next day!  It was so much fun!  I got all best times and on the very 1st event of the day which i was swimming, they sang the National Anthem and then Maddie and I were like "Oh we should go see if our event is posted yet!"  so we start walking over to behind the blocks to wait for our event and we heard our names called cause our heat was about to swim and we were about to miss it!!  So we sprinted over to our lanes( I literally ran out of my clothes!) I had my timer cap me and i made it to my event!  But it was SO CLOSE!  After I finished my swim I got out of the pool and picked up my shirt shorts towel and flip flops which were in a trail from where i was when i heard my name called to my lane....

Then the other day, my swim team had a pizza party because there were a couple people moving up into the  group im in (one of them is my boyfriend so i was like so happy that we'd be in the same group again!!!) and there were a bunch of swim caps and sharpies so we all wrote all of our inside jokes on them. some of them were soo funny! omg we were all dying laughing the entire night.  Anna tried to make Sarah think that she liked Brendan...omg it was hilarious!!!! Sarah totally believed Anna!! and Brendan was just kinda freaked out haha but he played along :)  And the best part, there was a waiter who looked like Liam Hemsworth!!!!


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl

I don't really like football, and I usually don't follow it, but I do always watch the Super Bowl. I love the funny ads, making fun of the horrible singers at the halftime show, and just seeing who wins. I hope the Giants win this year, just because I don't like the Patriots. Who are you rooting for this year?

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Spring Style

Because of this crazy Midwestern weather, I've got Spring on the mind, and shopping too, so here are some of my top picks from Forever21 for Spring:

1: I think these chandelier earrings would look totally adorable with a blouse and and your hair up in a ponytail

2: This mustard colored skirt is the perfect color for Spring, and you can wear it right now with tights and some super cute flats.

3: I just couldn't pass up this heart-printed skirt. It is so perfect for Valentine's Day, and the pastels make it appropriate for Spring.

4: These stackable rings are so cute, and for only $2.80 for the four of them, they're so irresistible.

5: Every girl definitely needs an LBD, and this one is so perfect because it's a shirtdress, which means that it's more wearable to school.

6: The teal color of this dress is so presh, and the back has a bow in it. I'm speechless.

7: This seersucker jacket is very versatile, and it's got tiny pink and white stripes in it, which is pretty much perfect in my fashion book

8: This headband helps you channel your inner Mickie Mouse, and it comes in three totally adorable colors: white, red, and blue.

9: Last but not least, is this beautiful dress. The coral color is presh for Spring, and the black side panels make you look super slim, so it's win-win.

Hope you ladies enjoyed!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Crazy weather, crazy life

So, I live in the midwest of the United States. Usually on February 1st, we would probably have 2-3 inches of snow, which I personally don't mind, but not today. Today, it reached a high of 65....and my brain keeps on thinking that it's April already. It's totally crazy. Now, I don't mind 65 degrees, because I like warmer weather, but I do like some snow during the winter. So far, we've only had 2 small dustings of snow...I hate how the midwest is so unpredictable.

So, along with the crazy weather, my life is also super crazy. I know that I've already told you guys about 4 times how sorry I was that I haven't been posting a lot, and how I'll try to post more, but I somehow never get around to posting, and I've been thinking about that. I know that it's probably really boring to follow a blog that only posts once every 2 weeks, so this time, I am going to start posting more. Now, I can't promise a lot, but probably once on the weekend because my life is super crazy. I have something going on every.single.night of the week. I have so many things going on that its too many to list. But, if you just hang in there, I'll get my ducks in a row and start posting more. Sorry, I'll try to be a better blogger!