Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mark Your Bible!

This is going to sound horrible, but honestly, I have never been an avid reader of the Bible. But then I saw this on Pinterest:

And then I realized I should probably start. It goes along with the whole being-closer-to-God and being-a-better-person thing.

So, I started reading the Bible, but not only reading it, I'm also marking my favorite passages with this:

It's a Bible Accessory Kit that includes 4 highlighters that don't bleed, a ruler/magnifying glass, and index tabs to mark the different books.

It is so awesome! I love it because I can now highlight my favorite passages AND find my favorite books better. I think that it really helps because if you highlight the passages that are special and significant to you, it really does help you become a better person. Even if you don't want to buy the kit, just grab a highlighter and start on your own. It really does work!

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  1. Oh man I have been meaning to do this better! Really read, and become a scriptorian! I need to be better! Thanks for the extra nudge!

  2. I can totally relate to you, girl! I am a devout Lutheran, but I have always been bad about reading my Bible. Lately, I have made it my goal to read a page or two every night to further my walk with Christ. I really appreciate this post of yours- it is such a great reminder!
    I LOVE your blog!


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