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 Covered was started by a lovely girl named A in June of 2010. The original name of Covered was Simply Catholic 101, and it was meant to be a blog for a magazine that A was going to create. Unfortunately, the magazine didn't work out, so A and another girl named Kayleigh put all of their efforts into blogging for Simply Catholic.

After almost a year of dedicated blogging, A decided to ask another person, Audrey, to join the blogging team. The trio worked extremely hard for the next 6 months. After that 6 months, A unfortunately had to leave all of her blogging and the world of internet behind. Since then, Audrey has invited her friend Frances to join the Simply Catholic blogging team. Frances had been Audrey's pen-pal for almost 5 years, and was a really devout Catholic, so Audrey decided she was perfect for the job. So, Frances joined Simply Catholic's little blogging family.

Since then, Simply Catholic has been changed to Covered, and we have gotten many generous sponsors for some really wonderful giveaways. Our followers have been increased from 9 to almost 50, and we are very thankful to our wonderful followers. The Covered girls also want to thank all of the wonderful people that have been encouraging, off and on the blog. We wouldn't have made it without your kind support and comments!

~The Covered Team :)

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